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Subject: SUPERMAN AND THE DOMINANT SPACE ALIENThe space alien looked around, and walked cautiously towards the city,
with well equipped laser gun packed on his belt. The male alien used his
remote to close down the entrance to his spaceship as he continued his
walk into venture. The alien was a seven teen porn pussysfree
foot tall green rather good
looking man, in spite of his all green color and space helmet with two
electrodes peering out of the top. His face was like that of a
fortyfiveish man with strong cheekbones and very well defined features.
His body was muscular, yet lanky for his tall size. Everything about him
was colored green including his glass studded boots and tightly fit
clothing. He wore a thin helmet much like a motorcycle riders but form
fitting over his head. His venture into the city was more of an inquiry,
since he lost his way to another planet and homemade teen porn pics stopped here to rest.
Approaching the city, he pushed a button on his belt and made himself
invisible. There he walked cautiously thru the streets as not to get in
anyone's way. He was becoming confused. Where he lives most everyone
shares the same look, both men and women. Here there were too many types
and he, quite frankly, could not tell some of the males from the women.
With a sigh of unrest he wandered back to his spaceship nestled in the
nearby forest. Suddenly he spotted a a free sex teen galleries being at his spaceship, looking at
it with curiosity and concern. This being was most decidedly unlike any
of the others he had seen in the city. It was an unusual creature wearing
the most gawdy type outfit he could imagine. He shook his alien head and
wondered if it was a male or a female. He checked his memory banks and
explored what he had learned from alien civilization class. First this
being was very attractive, even pretty. Second this being was wearing
skin tight uniform much like his own but off color. This being had
gigantic nipples and very hard tight tits! Still on, this being was
wearing what was classified as female civlization type pantyhose and
exposed panties worn by women. This creature must be a FEMALE the alien
thought. Sensational he teen sex tgp
thought and moved in closer still invisible. AH,
the alien went on, a letter he recognized! The letter of "S", which meant
something. But what?? Simple, sanitary, seduction. . .seduction. Perhaps.
. . .SEXY!!! That's it! It's a sexy female wanting company. Mmmm, and
very nice shaped legs too! Just look at the way she's moving. HUH. . .
.and look at that butt. GORGEOUS. I must have a better look see. The
alien turned gay teen boys pictures
himself back to visible and with a quick grasp of his laser
pointed it at Superman and let HER have it!! Superman was soon caught in
a blast of green glow that held him prisoner for a brief time. The glow
seemed to suck the power out of the Man of Steel little by little as he
began to feel like a mold of jello. Superman landed on the green grass
perspiring from what seemed like a power outage to his art of teen porn super abilities.
The green alien, who was very much into domination, slid his hand to his
bulging crotch and unzipped a hidden zipper from the front of his
green pouch. He gave a sudden enthusiastic grin on anticipating teen porn photo gallerys
this space creature a few quick favors. Grabbing the Man of Steels curly
black hair with one hand he forced Superman to edge his face towards his
crotch area. This creature has very nice seductive lips, I wonder if the
S. . .oh, who cares. With a swoop of his hand and the displaying of his
dick breaking free of the opened zipper area Superman was forced to
swallow alien cock. Quickly did Superman find himself swallowing the
whole enchilada and the head of it made its home in the extreme back of
his throat. The greenish balls smelled of dust from another galaxy and
not from this homemade british teen porn
world. But the alien was determined to make Superman suck
his alien cock by being held by his head and having it blak teen porn
forced to slide in
and out of, and around the juicy green meat. Superman found himself
grabbing on to the aliens well muscled legs as if trying to keep him from
taking anymore, but to no avail. His arms were too weak to keep him from
being bobbed around like a loose rag doll. UMMMM, murmured the purring
alien. This bitch can really suck on it. I wonder how the pussy feels.
Especially with those funky panties on, and that nice hard round butt.
Green alien dropped Superman flat on the ground leaving his cape swishing
to one side, and Superman's butt diplayed in the air, with his legs
spreading curiously while trying to prop himself up with weakened arms.
HMMMM, real nice! This calls for immediate action, and the alien walked
behind Superman placing his hand firmly on the Man of Steel's posterior
crevice and sliding his green hand up and down.it. Next he grabbed the
top of Superman's trunks and pulled them downward exposing a very hot
looking PUSSY. Even the hole was gyrating and contortioning itself with
the struggling of Superman trying to get up. The alien did not feel
remorse as he kneeled behind his venture and prodded his alien cock up
into Superman's ass. Boning him for all it was worth!! Sloshing his 10
incher into the Man of Steel as he went over to push down on free teen russain porn
back shoulders and bury Superman's face in the wet green grass, moaning
profusely. His green balls ricochet like a steam engine catapulting into
the beings deep hole with hot teen black porn
fervorish vigor. Superman found himself
unrelentingly bound by the creature alien getting rump rocked hard by his
unrelenting swashing cock. The jammer hammer breaking itself into his
buttocks was mind boggling, but had to accept it's wanting intrusion. He
hoped it would be over soon, when the alien turned him around on the
ground and place his thighs over his face making him still swallow a very
hard green goblin. Minutes passed as the alien humped his face with
massive force and finally let loose a spastic spasm of jism right into
his throat, making Superman grovel for more. Light green juice
overflowing over all sides of his mouth. Superman started to choke, but
the tall overgrown man pulled out and stood up. With an alien WHEW, the
man winked at Superman giving a slight click with the side of his mouth,
and walked away. The alien man turned around and pressed a translator
button on his belt. He said to Superman, "Thanks space woman, perhaps we
can meet again sometime." He pressed the button again, and said, "ADIOS!"
He continued to walk back to his ship. SPACE WOMAN, Superman thought.
"What a dumb alien!"THE END
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